What You Should Know About Autism


Autism is one of the more common developmental disabilities. It is a condition that affects the mind, which can cause issues with motor, social, communication, and verbal skills. This is a disorder that is on a spectrum, which means there are varying degrees of this condition. For some people, it could be mild and for others, it can be severe. As a provider of residential homes in Wasilla, Alaska, we have provided a few things you should know about individuals with autism:

  • It Can Be Difficult to Spot

    There are many people out there with mild cases of autism and in many situations, you may not even realize they have it. However, for these people, they may have peculiar habits in the way they move or talk. So, even though this is a health condition that many of us automatically associate with requiring care, there are many people who are still able to pursue normal lives despite having autism. There are also some people with autism, however, who may benefit from Medicaid waiver services.

  • Individuals with Autism Can Work Well

    Adults with varying degrees of autism are able to hold down jobs and work quite proficiently, even for individuals with more serious symptoms. It can be hard for these people to find a job due to social awkwardness and difficulties but once they do get work, they are able to do their jobs well. One benefit of autism is that individuals with this condition tend to be quite focused on what interests them. If they are passionate about something, they give it their all and can become experts in their chosen field.

  • People with Autism Process Senses in a Different Way

    This is one of the more interesting aspects of autism. For many people without autism, they process information in a similar way. Smells are the same, different textures feel the same, and food tastes the same. However, for individuals with autism, they may process this kind of information differently. This means their clothes may feel different, food may have a different flavor, and sounds are experienced differently and may even cause discomfort.

Those are just a few of the many things that you will want to keep in mind when it comes down to autism. This is a serious disease that can require professional developmental disability care services in Alaska. However, people with autism still can live full and fulfilling lives. If you would like to find out more about autism or about developmental disabilities, please get in touch with us at Bright Horizon Homes.

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