Understanding The Unique Needs Of Adults With Developmental Disability


Understanding The Unique Needs

Adults with development disability is a unique group of people having a unique set of needs. It has been found out that there are are certain conditions which prove to be more prevalent to this group compared to the other set of population their age. This is the reason why it is best for family members to invest time and attention to these conditions so that we may be able to respond to problems immediately and appropriately should they ever arise.

Here are a few areas where adults may have additional and unique needs that we can provide for:

1. Dealing with pain and discomfort.
Our family member or patient with disability may be challenged when it comes to communication. That is why with non-verbal adults, it takes special attention to know and understand when they are in distress. As caregivers, it would require our attention and assessment to know if they are in pain and if there is anything that we can do to comfort them.

2. Medication administration.
Adults with disability are often required to take multiple prescriptions in a day. Thus, they would need our help to properly manage and administer these medications to avoid overdosing, taking the wrong medicine, or missing their dosage in a day.

3. Knowing the status of their basic senses.
It will be a great investment to have annual screenings for the eyes and ears to know the current condition of their seeing and hearing. This is particularly needed when we notice a change in their communication or behavior. It is also important to take special attention to their dental hygiene and have it closely monitored by a dentist.

4. The risk of bone degeneration.
Because of lesser physical activities, patients with developmental disability have a higher risk of developing bone problems. It is best to pay attention to their bone health and talk to specialists on how to manage their condition.

5. High probability of gastrointestinal problems.
Since there has reportedly been a higher incidence of gastrointestinal cancer, bowel obstruction, and even obesity among the developmentally disabled, it is best to conduct regular screenings so that any problem may be detected and managed early on.

Taking care of developmentally disabled loved ones can be very demanding. Bright Horizon Homes LLC provides comprehensive human services by using modern and innovative methods and technologies, and applying best practices to lift the quality of life of our patients and support their loving families.

We offer developmental disability care services in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla Alaska that looks after the over-all welfare of your loved ones, taking extra note on their health and wellness above all.

Set an appointment with us today by calling 907-357-2233.

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