The Truth about Developmental Disability among Senior Adults


Living with a developmental disability is never easy. You do not only lag behind in terms of intellectual capacity, comprehension, and communication skills, but you also have a hard time coping with the demands of the people around you and the environment.

Developmental disability can be inborn and usually hard to treat. Some people who have a developmental disability from the time they were born would usually end up having it their whole life. The major concerns when it comes to caring for the developmentally challenged are torn between giving them full assistance and letting them do things on their own.

With these things in mind, Bright Horizon Homes, the leading Developmental Disability Care Services in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla Alaska, aims to provide you the vital information on the struggles of having a developmental disability and how to deal with it:

What are the common traits among seniors with a developmental disability?

At first, we cannot easily identify children with developmental disability. But eventually, as they grow older, the basic skills in communicating, listening, and even socializing will start to develop. We can see how the child is so eager to express themselves through their newly learned words. If children lag behind in acquiring these skills, it surely imposes a concern to us parents.

Now, you can just imagine when these children grow up. Seniors with a developmental disability may have a bigger problem to face. They may not experience the typical environment where they can work and mingle with people. Such disability would impair their social skills and even economic functioning. Their daily activities may be totally dependent on caregivers.

Do not confuse developmental disability with dementia

Some people may think that dementia and developmental disability are closely related to each other. However, they are not. Although both health conditions have something to do with the normal function of their cognition, it affects a different parts of the brain.

For dementia, it is the degeneration of neurons that causes senior patients to forget about important memories, forgetting names, and eventually forgetting how to speak and tend to their personal needs. The defect in the neurons causes the social and cognitive impairments among seniors.

Developmental disability, on the other hand, is naturally inherited by kids from birth. Once diagnosed with this disability, there is a great chance that it may last until old age. It will affect your communication and cognitive skills. Although it does not necessarily mean that you are impaired all throughout, you will need a special training from therapists to help elicit your speech and cognitive skills.

Why is it difficult to provide appropriate medical services to seniors with such disability?

We often ask how come there are no sufficient medications and hospital facilities to cater the needs of these people. More often than not, we also question how caregivers can respond efficiently to the needs of the patients. We share the same sentiments at Bright Horizon Homes, a growing Developmental Disability Care Services in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla Alaska.

In our queries, we discovered that there is still a great need for public policies catered to seniors with developmental activities that needs to be proposed and impose. For instance, providing a complete facility that can aid them in learning how to speak or comprehend words and sentences. Government agencies can also partner with private home care institutions so that they can provide skilled caregivers who are knowledgeable in developmental disability care.

If you are one of us in this endeavor and committed to help in giving appropriate care and treatment to seniors with a developmental disability, let us know about it at or call us at 907-357-2233.

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