Symptoms and Early Signs of Autism


Symptoms and Early Signs of Autism

As parents, believing our child has autism can be difficult but catching autism in an early child – ideally by the age of eighteen months can make a huge difference. Early detection is in the hands of the parents. As a parent, you can spot warning signs that point out to autism. The key is for you to know which signs tell you so. Monitor your child’s development, observe and take action. Time is essential. The earlier you detect it, the earlier you can start help your child improve.

Bright Horizon Homes is a provider of developmental disability care services in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla Alaska. We offer autism care for families with children diagnosed with the disorder.

Autism in babies and toddlers

If autism is spotted on a child’s early age, reversing the symptoms of autism can be more successful. Engaging in treatment at an early age can take advantage of a young brain’s plasticity. The earliest symptoms of autism revolve around the absence of normal behaviors. Frequently, this signs are misinterpreted as signs of a “good baby” since the infant seems to be quiet, behave and undemanding.

  • Doesn’t follow objects visually
  • Doesn’t make eye contact
  • Doesn’t imitate your movement
  • Doesn’t mimic your facial expression
  • Doesn’t smile when smiled at
  • Doesn’t respond to his or her name
  • Doesn’t make noises to get attention
  • Doesn’t reach out when picked up
  • Doesn’t play with other people

Autism in older children

As children get older, signs become more diverse. These signs revolve around impaired social and communication skills. A child may have difficulty in speech and language and may display rigid behavior.

  • Unaware of what’s happening around them
  • Sensitive to being touched or held
  • Has trouble expressing how he/she feels
  • Doesn’t play in groups
  • Speaks in an abnormal tone of voice
  • Repeatedly says words or phrases
  • Has difficulty in communicating
  • Has difficulty understanding statements
  • Avoids eye contact
  • Abnormal posture or movement
  • Attachment to unusual things
  • Repeatedly does actions or movements
  • Displays obsessive behaviour

It is important for you to understand that these are general indications that your child may have autism. If you have observed these signs in your child, schedule an appointment with a doctor right away. And if you need assistance, we provide developmental disability care services in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla Alaska. We offer community based waiver services to Alaska Medicaid Waiver recipients and home-based developmental disability care services in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla Alaska.

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