Filling Up Our Days with Fun Activities

Filling Up Our Days with Fun Activities

Developmental disabilities may begin anytime during our developmental years and it usually lasts throughout our lifetime. Various factors, like genetics, lifestyle of a mother during pregnancy, complications during birth, and infections during the mother’s pregnancy, may at times cause developmental disabilities.

Since this type of disability would affect our daily lives, there is a possibility that we cannot live as normal people do. It is most likely that we will need a companion from a Developmental Disability Care Services in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla, Alaska.

Do you know someone who has a developmental disability? Has your family member been coping with developmental disabilities since birth? Have you been diagnosed with a developmental disability yourself? There are ways to promote better living conditions by engaging in these activities:

  • Physical Activities
    Adults with developmental disabilities who exercise and engage in physical activities regularly can improve overall health condition as well as social skills. Attending to swimming lessons, dance workshops, fitness classes, and other sports will not just ease boredom but can also be a chance to mingle with other people. When we do these regularly, we will eventually feel better about ourselves. But since our physical conditions may not allow some types of activities, we should ask our doctors which programs we can take before doing them.
  • Art Therapy
    Another recommended activity which people with developmental disabilities can choose are creating art and doing crafts. Most adults diagnosed with this disability have difficulty in articulating and showing our emotions. Nonetheless, by creating art, we find an avenue to express our feelings and emotions. We can broaden our imagination and creativity, and this type of activities would be both therapeutic and entertaining. Among the art therapy activities we can follow are painting, coloring books, scrapbooking, and jewelry making.
  • Music Therapy
    Music is known to have a therapeutic and relaxing effect on the people who listen to it. Hence, music therapy is considered as one of the helpful tools in filling up days of adults with developmental disabilities as well as in improving their mental, social, and emotional well-being. Most advocates of music therapy for the wellness of persons with these disabilities organize sessions wherein individuals are encouraged to bring out their emotions by clapping hands, tapping the feet or sing-alongs.
  • Nature Therapy
    Everybody loves to be near nature. Through joining nature walks, we find an opportunity to appreciate the beauty of nature and learn more about our environment at the same time. Some organizations host summer camps, retreats, and some other vocational courses for adults with developmental disabilities.

We should never stop living because of our developmental disabilities. Instead, Bright Horizon Homes encourages us to fill our days with as many activities as we can. By doing so, we make our days more fulfilling. All of us are entitled to a life well lived. Let us leave a legacy of pride even with the disabilities we face!

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