Developmental Disability: When Growing Up Is a Real Struggle


When Growing Up Is a Real Struggle

To most people, growing up is an exciting evolution. From being helpless toddlers who go about aimlessly, we become active kids who attend and find friends in school, then become adolescents who discover more and more about ourselves and the world, then finally become adults who are learned and in control. But the story doesn’t go that way all the time.

Like in Bright Horizon Homes, an institution who provides developmental disability care service in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla Alaska, there are people who have developmental disability who are growing up in a world and in ways different from us. Due to mental or physical impairment, these individuals find regular, ordinary, and easy tasks to be more difficult to perform as adults. Thus, there is a need for us to understand them and the struggles they are going through growing up.

Language and Learning
Most people with developmental disability are likely to have language problems growing up. More than just speech delays, they will have difficulty in communicating verbally even as adults. They need more intentional and personal coaching aside from the regular academic curriculum that are canned and readily available. This is where institutions that provide developmental disability care service in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla Alaska become very essential since they can provide professional service to support parents and loved ones of developmentally disabled adults to be capable of interacting and communicating.

Due to physical impairments, moving around can also be a challenge for the developmentally disabled. More than just the physical limitations, not being able to get themselves around other people to play, learn or plainly socialize does not only create a barrier in terms of physically being a grown-up but can also affect social skills. But with the help provided by developmental disability care service in Kanabec DR. Wasilla Alaska, these adults can have a community to thrive in. More than just establishing a non-medical care service institution, we also provide a niche community for these people with special needs.

Self-Help and Independent Living
Growing up is almost synonymous to independence. But to the developmentally disabled, it can be a struggle to be independent when you are mentally or physically limited. That is why there are advocates and institutions whose mission is to really help these people to at least become independent enough to do daily life activities for survival such as feeding or cleaning themselves.

Developmental disability can happen to anyone and growing up with such impairment can be a real struggle. Do you know someone who is going through such struggle? You may contact us at to know how we can help your loved one.

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