Developmental Disability: How to Deal with Adults Having This Condition

Developmental Disability: How to Deal with Adults Having This Condition

When a person is developmentally disabled, this means that he or she is experiencing various chronic conditions which can significantly affect one’s life. The condition may impede one’s ability to experience independent living as his or her language, communication, learning, mobility, and other functions are impaired.

Dealing with people who are developmentally disabled can be overwhelming at first, especially if it is your first time meeting one. You might not exactly know what to say or do, thinking that you might upset them.

To help you, here are a few tips on how to deal with adults who are developmentally disabled:

  • Understand their condition – most people might think that individuals who have developmental disabilities are all the same but, no. People with this condition may experience unique symptoms. Hence, it is important for you to understand a person who is developmentally disabled by doing some research, consulting a physician, seeking help and advice from developmental disability care service providers.
  • Talk normally – even though developmentally disabled people have a different health condition, they are still adults and humans. Hence, you should talk to them normally, just like how you talk to other normal people. Avoid baby-talking as some may feel disrespected or belittled.
  • Refrain from using offensive words – people who have developmental disabilities are usually more sensitive. They easily get disappointed, angered, annoyed, etc., even just about little things. Hence, if you’re dealing with a person who has this condition, make sure to avoid using offensive words. Talk calmly and use proper words.
  • Offer help with consent – you might think that developmentally disabled people undergo deep challenges when doing something, and here you are ready to help. Yes, helping is a good idea. But, some people who have developmental disabilities also prefer to do things on their own. Hence, before immediately giving help, always make sure if the person truly needs it.
  • Avoid discriminating them – again, developmentally disabled people are sensitive. Even just a little act of discrimination can hurt them and may cause further problems. Always avoid discriminating people with this condition. If by chance you are not in a good mood, just tell the person gently that you need time alone, instead of accidentally shouting at him/her or saying bad things.

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