Residential Advisor

Position: Residential Advisor

Reports to: Director of Services/ Program Administrator

JOB SUMMARY: The Residential Advisors provides a vital role in supporting individuals who experience disabilities. Residential Advisors perform tasks necessary to ensure a safe, secure, clean and supportive living environment for clients and a safe working environment for staff. This position is an integral part of the group home management team and requires supervising the operation of the group home. This position requires a unique blend of people skills and willingness to undertake and follow the Bright Horizon Homes Policies and Procedures for group homes of disabled adults. Residential Advisors are mainly responsible for the daily care of clients assigned to that group home This position involves supporting and assisting individuals who experience various disabilities with daily living skills and community inclusions activities. Residential Advisors provides service to clients so that they have the opportunity to live a full life and achieve their goals. Responsibilities include but are not limited to assisting and monitoring daily living skills in the group home and providing direct personal care.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Supervise residents at all times. Be aware of the actions and locations of all residents at all times.
  2. Apply all conditions set forth in Policy & Procedures Manual consistently and in concert with the Director of Services/Program Director.
  3. Ensure residents’ safety and well-being at all times.
  4. Ensure that home is clean at all times.
  5. Direct the planning, preparation and intake of food by the residents, considering nutrition and cleanliness and in compliance with the food pyramid.
  6. Assist residents in setting and keeping scheduled appointments for doctors, dentists, therapy, school, extra-curricular activities, etc.
  7. Direct and assist residents in completion of homework. (If deemed necessary)
  8. Arrange and assist in providing transportation of residents to various appointments and activities.
  9. Direct and supervise basic skills development (personal hygiene, cleaning of rooms and entire home, sewing, cooking, gardening, laundry, etc.).
  10. Direct and supervise independent living skills development (budget management, meal planning, household chores, grocery shopping, clothes shopping, accessing community support systems, etc.).
  11. Supervise and administer medications according to doctor’s prescribed orders. Assure ingestion by resident, store medications in secure place and maintain medication logs.
  12. Supervise and assist residents in establishing and fulfilling personal goals, individual objectives and behavior modification on a daily basis.
  13. Be accountable for all documentation for the client by writing daily case notes, log daily medications, log daily food intake, log daily progress, log daily activities and other significant issues of residents in the Case Note on a daily basis.
  14. Set and enforce behavior limits according to conditions in client’s Plan of Care and the Policy & Procedures Manual.
  15. Administer consequences according to facility, agency and state licensing policies.
  16. Report all behavior problems, crisis issues and emergencies to Program Administrator/Director of Services.
  17. Supervise, direct and ensure that all Policy & Procedures, as well as the facility’s “House Rules” are applied and maintained at all times.
  18. Record and supervise resident management of personal property and financial resources.
  19. Conduct oneself as a continuous role model for the residents.
  20. Complete Critical Incident Reports according to standards and procedures specified in Policy & Procedure Manual.
  21. Provide for the best service possible for the residents.
  22. Be aware of conditions and offer ways to improve upon operation of the facility and the agency as a whole.


  1. Have two years of experience (full-time, paid or unpaid) or six months of training providing direct care to human services recipients (e.g., providing assistance to individuals or groups with problems caused by substance abuse, aging, physical or intellectual disabilities, or juvenile delinquency).
  2. Ability to provide skill training, monitoring, supervision, and support as indicated in Plan of Care and Assisted Living Homes Plan.   Residential Advisors provide these services in partnership with families and other team members.
  3. Must have strong written and oral communication skills with diverse populations including; families, team members and the public.
  4. Contributes to the professional reputation of the agency.


An applicant must also have or be able to obtain the following:

  1. Must be 25 years of age.
  2. High school diploma or GED (CNA certification, a plus)
  3. Valid Driver’s License.
  4. Reliable vehicle & Proof of automobile insurance.
  5. Valid CPR & First Aid Certification.
  6. “Negative” results of a TB test administered within the last 12 months.
  7. Blood borne Pathogens Training (not necessary, but a plus if you have this training)
  8. (3) character references
  9. (2) employment references
  10. Must pass a federal background check.


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