Dealing with Developmental Disability: Four Ways To Effectively Get Your Message Through


Dealing with Developmental Disability

Most often, adults with developmental disabilities would have problem communicating with others. This is because their disability may have affected their senses like sight, hearing, and speech. As family members we have to be attentive of communication barriers and be considerate when delivering our message to them as well.

We have to understand that there is no one size-fits-all solution. But it is best to observe these guidelines to help us get our message through whenever trying to communicate with them.

1. Always strive to establish rapport first.
It is best to talk to them at their most comfortable level to establish good rapport. Our aura should reverberate positivity and warmth to make them comfortable to listen and respond to us. Since they are adults, the best way to communicate with them would be through adult language and expressions and not through child-like manners. Positive reinforcement and recognition will do very well to encourage them to engage more in the conversation.

2. Make use of the right words at the right time.
The key to getting our message through is to communicate them through simple words and uncomplicated sentences. This will make our point more digestible to them. It will also greatly help to use concrete words like rather than using jargons and abstract words that might lead them to confusion.

3. Be quick to listen.
When they start to interact, it is best to be all ears on them. This will give them a signal that we are truly interested in what they are saying. Once they are done saying their part, it is best to validate what we have heard and never assume anything that we do not fully understand. Allowing them time to process their thoughts and saying what they need to say is a great way of encouraging them to engage with us more.

4. Look out for others ways to get through.
There are instances when verbal communication may not be enough. These times, it would be best to use visual aids or to act out any message that needs to get through so that it may be better understood by the patient.

Communicating with developmentally disabled adults can be very challenging indeed. This is why Bright Horizon Homes LLC has opened its doors to welcome patients and assist family members in providing the perfect care for these special people in our lives. With our developmental disability care services in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla Alaska, family members can be confident that the needs of their patients not just in communication but in other aspects, as well, will be well covered by dedicated and well-meaning care providers and staff.

For more information, call us at 907-357-2233.

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