Communication Tips in Dealing with Adults with Developmental Disabilities


Communication Tips in Dealing with Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Fact- some people with developmental or intellectual disabilities, not all, have communication difficulties. Because developmental disabilities affect a person’s speech, hearing, or sight, it is highly probable that one with this type of disabilities will have a hard time communicating with other people.

But, Bright Horizon Homes opines that you should not instantly jump into a conclusion that every person with developmental disabilities will struggle to understand you. You should be cautious enough to show respect, while not treating them differently compared to others. When you already see the signs that such person is having a hard time talking to you, you shall already consider these tips.

1. Establishing rapport
Building a good first impression to a person needing developmental disability care services in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla Alaska might be the hardest step. No one can predict how they will see you- as a friend or an enemy?

Because of their situation, some patients may adversely react to simple initial gestures. However, if you want to earn their trust it would be helpful to gain eye contact with them, use their names to address them or touch their arm before talking to them.

Bright Horizon Homes have also observed that speaking directly to adults with developmental disabilities and not treating them as a child, would be an advantageous method to establish rapport with them.

2. Choosing appropriate language
Physicians from Bright Horizon Homes use plain language when talking to their patients, they don’t use jargons; so should you.

Whenever you use simple terms and sentences when talking to patients of developmental disability care services in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla Alaska, they find you easier to converse with so they could have more confidence to start a chat with you.

But beware, you should never shout at them. Even if they may have a hard time hearing you, you should avoid putting your voice in a volume.

3. Listening
Whenever you get their approval, they will freely talk to you. And when this happens, give them time to explain their thoughts. If you could not understand what they are saying, let them know, they will appreciate it. You can also use body languages, it will not offend adults needing developmental disability care services in Kanabec Dr. Wasilla Alaska at all.

It is a privilege when you already get them to talk to you, so don’t waste that chance.

4. Explaining clearly
Sometimes, when you are already enjoying your conversations with adults with developmental disabilities, you tend to forget that they have difficulties in listening to you and you speak faster.

To avoid this situations, Bright Horizon Homes suggests that you pause frequently. Check whether they are still with you, give them enough time to understand what you have said and be mindful of cues. This way, you can have a smooth conversation with them.
Do you think the above tips will help you? Have you had any awkward moments with some adults with developmental disabilities? Let us know, we might be able to help you.

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