Better Communication with the Developmentally Disabled


Better Communication with the Developmentally Disabled

Communication can become a challenge for some people with a developmental disability. While this is not true for all persons with these disabilities, communication limitations can be quite common. Depending on the extent of their communication difficulty, responding to these limitations can vary from person-to-person. However, there are basic communication practices that we all can get started with when we are still trying to determine another person’s communication issue.

Here are insights in communicating with a person with a developmental disability we’ve gathered from being a key provider of developmental disability care services in Alaska:

  • Assess Language Skills
    It is important that we are able to make an initial evaluation as to the extent of our loved one’s language difficulties. We need to be more familiar with the words they use and how they say these so that we can be able to respond to them correctly. We can take a cue from their words so that a good conversation can happen.
  • Exercise Patience in Responding
    During the instances that your loved one may take time to respond, it is vital that you learn to be patient in waiting for them to construct their thoughts or to deliver their words. For this reason, it is encouraged that when we spend time with our loved ones with this disability, we need to allot the greatest amount of time as possible.
  • Understanding Versus Expressing
    In our residential homes in Wasilla, Alaska, we have seen that most persons with a developmental disability can find it easier to understand what is communicated to them rather than expressing what they want to say. This is very important for us to keep in mind as we need assurance that our loved ones can hear us.
  • Seek Professional Help
    For other cases of developmental disabilities, the person may go through difficulties of properly presenting the picture of the message they want to convey. To help clarify things better, seek help from professional care providers so you will have a better understanding of what your loved one wants to happen. However, what’s important is that, when you communicate with your loved one, you focus on their needs.
  • Look for a More Silent Location
    To achieve better communication, you may also need to relocate to another area at home where there are lesser distractions and noise. Distractions can keep them from fully expressing what they want to say and this can hinder quality interaction.

When you are able to effectively communicate with your loved one, you will also be able to understand their needs better, especially the needs that can affect their overall health. Does your loved one with a developmental disability require further assistance in a closer manner? Consider taking them to our care at Bright Horizon Homes. We also provide Medicaid waiver services so that you have an option for a more affordable care team to attend to your loved one.

Do you have further inquiries? Feel free to contact us.

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