Possible Work Opportunities for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

December 22nd / brighthorizon / Comment: 0

Our lives should not end just because we have developmental disabilities. If we aim it and if we are determined to achieve it, we can do it. Despite the possible limitations, Bright Horizon Homes encourages adults with developmental disabilities to … [Read More]

Filling Up Our Days with Fun Activities

December 15th / brighthorizon / Comment: 0

Developmental disabilities may begin anytime during our developmental years and it usually lasts throughout our lifetime. Various factors, like genetics, lifestyle of a mother during pregnancy, complications during birth, and infections during the mother’s pregnancy, may at times cause developmental … [Read More]


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Bright Horizon Homes’ staff will post upcoming events on our website. You can contact us to find how you can join in with our activities at Bright Horizon Homes. READ MORE

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Bright Horizon Homes is currently hiring new members to be part of our team. If you are interested, please apply online.

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Bright Horizon Homes’ caring staff will be pleased to have a consultation with you at any time. We always look forward to assisting both you and your family. READ MORE

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Client Testimonials

At Bright Horizon Homes, our team is honored to know that we made a difference in your lives with our exceptional care. We are inspired by your kind words to carry on in our profession. Read some of the testimonials we received from clients.

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